• Orbital Lymphangioma Patient Can’t Lift Eye


    My daughter had an orbital lymphangioma (a rare, usually harmless, cyst that forms behind the eye), which has greatly impacted her ability to elevate her eye ball to look up. The malformation was infiltrated in her superior rectus muscle (muscle that helps move the eye). She has had surgeries to excise the "tumor" but cannot elevate her eye. They have tried to loosen the inferior rectus muscle in an attempt to get more elevation without success. Are there any procedures that may help her?


    It may be nearly impossible to extricate the infiltrating orbital lymphangioma from the muscle. There are however techniques to decrease the size of the lymphangioma using the injection of Bleomycin or even taking Slidenafil. These may or may not be appropriate for your daughter. The use of these therapies is dependent on the size of the lymphangioma as well as the age of the patient. Your daughter should be evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon as well as a pediatric ophthalmologist to determine if these therapies are appropriate for her.

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