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  • Why does everything look bigger after switching to glasses?


    I switched from my glasses to contact lenses and I noticed that everything looks bigger now: my hands, my body, my feet. How long does it take until my brain gets used to it and my vision goes back to normal?


    The adjustment period between glasses and contacts should take no more than two or three weeks. Contact lenses should give you comfortable, distortion free-vision while you are wearing them.

    If you are still having a problem after 2 to 3 weeks, call your ophthalmologist and schedule a follow-up eye exam. Your ophthalmologist will investigate several areas:

    • Is it corneal warpage? It can be difficult to switch between contacts and glasses, especially if you are wearing rigid gas permeable contacts (which can cause warpage of the cornea) or if you have high astigmatism (which may be in the glasses prescription but not the contacts).
    • Is it presbyopia? People over 40 will find that they have symptoms of presbyopia (it is harder to read letters on a phone or newspaper) with contacts but not with glasses.
    • Is there a difference in the actual contact lens and glasses prescription? (i.e. is your contact lens prescription very different from your glasses prescription?). Sometimes patients are also wearing an older, out-of-date glasses prescription, and the difference between your glasses and contacts can make the adjustment to contacts difficult. Always bring the glasses you are actually wearing and your actual contact lenses when you come to the ophthalmologist.
    • Is your new contact lens prescription correct? You may have a contact lens prescription which needs to be adjusted.
    • When was your last complete eye exam? Your contacts and glasses may be fine, but you may be having symptoms of central serous retinopathy or fluid in the macula.

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