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  • What can be done to reduce or stop the thinning of my retina?


    The retinal surgeon showed me that my retinas continue to thin. I had a poor result with a detached retina repaired laparoscopically. A buckle would have been a more effective choice, and was subsequently done by a friend, who also removed the nickel-sized floaters. I have recently moved to Boston and was seen by a retinal surgeon who showed me that both eyes have thinning retinas. He told me to call immediately if I saw flashing lights 5 days in a row. I have seen them 3 days but not sequentially. I did not ask what if anything could be done. I am a portrait painter with a national client base. I am 66 and need the 6-figure income! What can be done?


    The exact diagnosis needs to be obtained in order to speculate on potential treatments. Commonly lattice degeneration is called "thinning of the retina" and it can be treated by surrounding it with laser. Lattice degeneration can lead to retinal tears and detachments and if there are symptoms of flashes or floaters, the risk of developing a retinal tear or detachment are higher. Having laser treatment can potentially reduce the risk of retinal detachment.

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