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  • What can I take for sea sickness with narrow angle glaucoma?

    What can I take for sea sickness if I have narrow angle glaucoma but have had an iridotomy?


    The type of medication taken for motion sickness can make your pupils dilate, which can then raise the risk of a sudden increase in eye pressure (acute angle closure) and possible vision loss. An iridotomy (a small opening in the iris usually made by a laser) can be done to either bring the eye pressure back down, or to decrease the likelihood of this happening in those who are felt to be at increased risk.

    However, having an iridotomy does not completely eliminate the risk which varies from person to person, so it is important to discuss this with your ophthalmologist who can examine your eyes and advise you on whether taking motion sickness medications is safe in your particular situation.

    Unfortunately I'm not aware of any other types of medication for motion sickness, and medication alternatives like acupressure wristbands have not been clearly shown to be effective.

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