• What is the best way to flip your eyelid?


    I have ocular lithiasis (small, white/yellow cyst-like nodules) and I have to see doctors often to take them out. But my doctors cannot flip my upper eyelid inside out enough to remove those higher/inner stones. Is there a medical tool to help flip the eyelid in the U.S.? If not, what is the best method to flip the eyelid? I am also thinking of inventing one.


    Your ophthalmologist can put a numbing drop in your eye and ask you to gently look down. I prefer to use a Q-tip to aid in flipping the eyelid. If you squeeze your lids tightly, flipping will be difficult. In situations where it is critical that we relax the eyelid, an injection of xylocaine at the lateral canthus will relax the orbicularis muscles, enabling easier eyelid manipulation.

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