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  • What is the treatment for fluid behind retina after surgery?


    After retinal detachment surgery, can fluid get inside of the retina? And if scar tissue comes back, what is the treatment?  


    We can see fluid “inside” of the retina after retinal detachment surgery. This is called macular edema or swelling of the retina. This may resolve without treatment, need drops or injections depending on the severity of swelling. If scar tissue develops or comes back after retinal detachment surgery, treatment depends on the location and the severity of the scar tissue. If the scar tissue affects the central area of the retina (the macula) and distorts vision, the scar tissue can be removed with surgery. The surgery is called “vitrectomy with membrane peeling.” If the scar tissue is more extensive, it can sometimes cause another detachment, which requires repeat retinal detachment surgery. The best strategy is to continue seeing your ophthalmologist to monitor the retina.

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