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  • Will a desert climate make dry eye worse?


    I have severe dry eyes, meibomian gland (oil glands on the eyelids that help keep eyes from drying out) dysfunction, and blepharitis (inflammation of eyelids) I might move to Las Vegas. Would these issues get worse if I live in the desert? Or would just using more eye drops be effective in that environment?


    The lowered humidity in Las Vegas will certainly add to the dryness you are experiencing. Your blepharitis is treatable and should be aggressively dealt with prior to the move. If the dryness is mostly due to lack of tears, then using more eye drops will help (remember not to use eye drops labeled "gets the red out" as these are in fact drying). You can also supplement with ointment prior to sleep. Eye dryness is an area of active research. If you move, find a corneal specialist in Las Vegas who is familiar with problems in that region and who can advise you.

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