• Should I be concerned that my eyelid is droopy after fungal keratitis treatment?


    I am a male in my 30s and I was diagnosed with fungal keratitis (an infection of the cornea, or front window of the eye), and my treatment consisted of natamycin 5% and amphotericin B. The condition and lesion improved greatly, however, after a couple of weeks I experienced a relapse of the lesions. This time, voricanazole was introduced and the results were great, improving my vision drastically. During the relapse my eye was swollen shut due to the swelling. At the moment I am still administering natamycin drops, however, I am in the last stages of treatment. Right now my eye is 100 percent clear but my eyelid is still a bit droopy. I was informed that this will return to its normal position in the future. Could you kindly inform me whether the eyelid will retract in the future or would I require surgery?


    When the eye works hard to fight an infection, this can result in temporary harm to the area, such as eyelid swelling. The appearance of the eyelid usually returns to normal after the infection is eliminated as the body reabsorbs the excess fluid. However, at times the eye may still be droopy after the infection has fully resolved. While in most cases, there is no long-lasting effects on the lid, if the appearance is still abnormal after two months, an oculoplastics evaluation for surgical repair could be considered.


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