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  • Will a larger font slow down near vision loss?


    Since I work a lot at the computer, I wear reading glasses. My eyesight has been deteriorating for several years. This is the effect of constantly looking at the monitor from a close distance. If I bought a large monitor and used a larger font reading from a distance of 150 cm (different eye accommodation), would I slow down my eyesight deterioration?


    You do not mention your age.  Presbyopia—the age-related worsening of near vision--begins in your late 30s and early 40s.  This happens to everyone regardless of their line of work. Your computer is innocent in this context, and it appears you have found ways to compensate. But changing the font and screen size will have no effect on this normal change in the eyes. If your current reading glasses no longer work, see your ophthalmologist for an exam and an updated prescription.

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