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  • Panelists Name 2023's Best Original Papers

    During AAO 2023’s Original Papers sessions, the expert panels moderating those presentations each named the paper that they rate most highly, as shown below. 

    If you are registered for the meeting, you will be able to view all this year’s Original Paper sessions on the virtual meeting platform until March 1, 2024: click "Sessions" and "Original Paper Sessions," and then scroll down. (Note: At time of press, some of the Original Paper Sessions were still being uploaded to the virtual meeting platform.)

    Cataract — PA034: The Aravind Pseudoexfoliation Study: Ten-Year Postoperative Results (Presenting author: Aravind Haripriya, MBBS)

    Cornea (Session 1)  — PA038: Phase 1 Multicenter Study of Endothelial Magnetic Cell Therapy for Corneal Edema (Presenting author: Ellen Koo, MD)

    Cornea (Session 2) — PA060: Multicentric Evaluation of a CRISPR/Cas12a-Based Diagnostic Platform for the Diagnosis of Fungal Keratitis (Presenting author: Siddharth Narendran, MBBS)

    Glaucoma (Session 1) — PA006: AI Models for Predicting Glaucoma Progression in a Large Multicenter EHR Consortium: The Sight Outcomes Research Collaborative (Presenting author: Sophia Ying Wang, MD)

    Glaucoma (Session 2) — PA064: Reusable Gonioscopy Lenses and Tonometry Tips Are Associated With Significant Potential Cost Savings (Presenting author: Alexis Kassotis, MD)

    Neuro-Ophthalmology — PA011: Epigenetic Reprogramming: A Novel Gene Therapy That Restores Vision in a Nonhuman Primate Model of NAION (Presenting author: Madhura Shah BS)

    Ocular Pathology and Oculoplastics —  PA06: A Multicenter Analysis of Nucleic Acid Quantification Using Aqueous Humor Liquid Biopsy in Retinoblastoma—Implications for Clinical Testing (Presenting author: Deborah Im)

    Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus — PA022: AI for Classification of the Cause of Pediatric Retinal Hemorrhages (Presenting author: Donny Won Suh MD)

    Refractive —  PA018: Automated Estimation of ICL Vault Using Synthetic Generative Adversarial Network-Generated Images on AS-OCT (Presenting author: Jad Assaf MD)

    Retina (Session 1) — PA030: Comparing Interventions for Acute and Chronic CSC: A Network Meta-Analysis (Presenting author: Eunice L. You, MD)

    Retina (Session 2) —  PA053: Genome-Wide Meta and Gene Ontology Analysis for High Myopia (Presenting author: Kazuya Morino, MD)

    Uveitis — PA043: Noninfectious Uveitis Risk After COVID-19 Vaccination in a Large U.S. Claims Database (Presenting author: Anika Kumar, BA)

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