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  • Recharge and Renew

  • A new year always brings the sense of hope and promise and that is particularly needed in 2021. As you prepare for the new year, take time to pause and think about what you need to do in 2021 to recharge yourself.

    Be kind to yourself
    2020 was a rough year so 2021 might be the time to think about your own self-care starting with how you talk to yourself.  We are often our own worst critics so begin by showing yourself compassion.  

    Spend time with others
    Social distancing and lockdowns have only exacerbated the feelings of isolation that are experienced by many in the US. First noted in 2017, the public health effects of loneliness are as severe as obesity or smoking.  While a video call with friends or colleagues can’t take the place of in-person, it can help you feel more connected.  And you don’t have to just talk – you can use apps to play games online together; watch a movie; or have dinner together.  Here’s a list of ideas to get you started.

    Get Moving
    Of course, the best way to recharge is to get moving.  You don’t have to train for a marathon or be an expert yogi to get the benefits of exercise. Even a simple walk can improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Walking with friends or family is a great way to spend time together too.  Need motivation to get started – check out the videos on  Or watch Dr. Anne Coleman provide some easy stretches to do at your desk and dance along with Dr. Coleman and her UCLA colleagues during Instant Recess. 

    The key in building a new habit of any kind is the willingness to be bad at it as explained by Christine Carter, PhD in her TED talk: Here’s how I finally got myself to start exercising.  The solution is just keep doing it.