• Usage of Locum Tenens During PHE

    Usage of Locum Tenens During PHE

    Question: How long can a locum tenens (substitute) physician be used during the COVID-19 crisis?

    Answer: CMS is allowing the same substitute physician to be used through the entire public health emergency and up to 60 consecutive days post expiration of emergency. This loosened restriction applies to both modifiers -Q5 and -Q6.

    If the physician of the practice requires the use of a locum tenens longer than 60 days post-emergency, s/he would need to return to the office for one day to reset the standard 60-day time clock or enlist another locum tenens physician.

    For those physicians who are called to active duty and require usage of a locum tenens, an unlimited time frame is allowed post-emergency.

    For more information, go to the Academy’s Telehealth web page.