• Billing Multiple Procedures

    Question: The doctor performed bilateral lateral recession with adjustable sutures on a patient who previously had muscle surgery. He also performed bilateral exploration of each inferior oblique. He noted in the operative report a separate conjunctival defect/hole that he repaired with sutures. How do I code for these procedures?

    Answer: Submit the following CPT codes:

    • 67311 -50 Strabismus surgery, recession or resection procedure; one horizontal muscle;
    • 67332 -50 Strabismus surgery on patient with scarring of extraocular muscles (eg, prior ocular injury, strabismus or retinal detachment surgery) or restrictive myopathy;
    • 67335 -50 Placement of adjustable suture(s) during strabismus surgery, including postoperative adjustment(s) of suture(s);
    • 67340 -50 Strabismus surgery involving exploration and/or repair of detached extraocular muscle(s).

    The defect would be CPT code 12011, which is bundled into 67311 and not separately billable.

    Learn more about billing for strabismus in Ophthalmic Coding: Learn to Code Pediatrics and Strabismus.