• Orbital Floor Fracture Laterality and Status

    Question: We have a patient who suffered an open fracture of the orbital floor, right eye. The new ICD-10 code looks like it now requires laterality and status. Is this correct?

    Answer: Yes, reporting orbital-floor fractures after Oct. 1, 2016, has changed. You must now identify laterality using 1) an alpha-character in the fifth position, 2) an X as placeholder in the sixth position and 3) the fracture status in the seventh position.

    A - Initial encounter for closed fracture
    B - Initial encounter for open fracture
    D - Subsequent encounter for fracture with routine healing
    G - Subsequent encounter for fracture with delayed healing
    K - Subsequent encounter for fracture with nonunion
    S - Sequela. Note may not be recognized for payment by payers

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