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  • Reimbursement for CPTs 66987 and 66988

    Question: Is there wRVU and reimbursement information from CMS for combo CPT codes 66987 and 66988?

    Answer: There is not. You will need to check your payer’s policies or fee schedules for reimbursement information. For CMS, these codes are listed with a C-Status: CMS does not establish fees for C status codes; they are carrier priced at the Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) level. Updates to contractor priced fees may be revised annually.

    The Academy continues to urge CMS to adopt the RUC-recommended values for CPT 66987 (13.15 WRVU) and CPT 66988 (10.25 WRVU) rather than continued carrier pricing which is disruptive for beneficiaries and physicians.