• Test Your PQRS Reporting Knowledge – Win a Visa Gift Card

    With the recent release of the Measure-Applicability Validation (MAV) process, test your PQRS knowledge on the subject. Submit your answers to pqrs@aao.org prior to March 16. List PQRS quiz in the subject line. Those who answer all questions correctly will be entered to win a Visa gift card.

    1. Physicians who choose the option of reporting individual measures, must accurately report at least 9, representing 3 quality domains and at least 1 cross-cutting measure.
      a. True
      b. False
    2. Physicians who practice part-time are not required to report PQRS.
      a. True
      b. False
    3. Measure 130 Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record, must be reported:
      a. At every visit whether an E/M or Eye code is submitted
      b. At every visit billed with an E/M code only as Eye codes are excluded
      c. At least once during the reporting period
    4. If measure 12 POAG: Optic Nerve Evaluation is reported, measure 141 POAG: Reduction of IOP by 15 percent/Plan of Care does not have to be reported.
      a. True
    5. b. False
    6. Measure 110 Influenza Immunization, measure 111 Pneumonia Vaccination Status, and measure 236 Controlling High Blood Pressure, are reported with which family of exam codes?
      a. E/M codes only
      b. Eye codes only
      c. Both E/M and Eye codes
    7. Physicians who practice in more than one group practice must report PQRS:
      a. At each location
      b. Only at the location where patient volume is greatest
    8. Failure to report PQRS accurately in 2015 will result in a 2 percent PQRS penalty in addition to the Value Based Modifier Penalty.
      a. True
      b. False