• Using New ERG Codes Same Session

    Question: Are the new Electroretinography (ERG) codes bundled together?

    Answer: Currently there is no bundle that exists, and payers will not expect to see these codes billed together often. The physician’s documentation should show medical necessity. When code utilization increases, they may be revalued, which often leads to a reduction in reimbursement.

    92273 Electroretinography with interpretation and report; full field (i.e., ffERG, flash ERG, Ganzfeld ERG), is approximately 40 minutes. The test is used for dystrophies where there is visible pathology, usually affecting periphery/rods.

    92274 Electroretinography with interpretation and report; multifocal (mfERG), is for drug toxicity follow-up or visual loss without visible pathology, where cone dysfunction is suspected.

    0509T Electroretinography with interpretation and report, pattern (PERG), is used to detect subtle optic neuropathies.

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