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  • Was this the correct use of 67108?

    Question: One of our doctors performed a 25 gauge pars plana vitrectomy, scleral buckle, endo laser, air fluid exchange, with 18% C3F8 gas placement for a self-pay patient with a mac off-retinal detachment. He had asked to use 67107 and 67108. My thought was for him to use only 67108, which is Repair of retinal detachment; with vitrectomy, any method including, when performed air or gas tamponade, focal endolaser photocoagulation, cryotheraphy, drainage of subretinal fluid, scleral buckling, and/or removal of lens by same technique as to me, this seems to include all the steps he performed. Was this correct?

    Answer: You are correct. Code as 67108 only as the CPT descriptor does include the scleral buckle. CPT codes 67107 and 67108 are bundled in CCI as well.