• YO Starter Kit for Billing and Coding

    The Academy is the one-stop shop for young ophthalmologists when it comes to billing and coding. If you have a question about how coding works, chances are we already have the answer.

    The best way to prepare is to educate yourself – and your staff – is a Codequest Coding Course. Check the schedule for your state and take advantage of the opportunity to hone up on your coding skills. Not able to attend? Read and bookmark these Academy guides you can use from home:

    Intro to Action Items for Coding and Billing

    Need an intro to coding and billing? Watch this video on 5 major pearls to get a jump-start on your submissions.

    Comprehensive Eye Visits

    Want to be certain of the criteria to achieve comprehensive eye codes? Follow these instructions and code comprehensively!

    What’s an LCD and How Does That Affect My Practice?

    No, it’s not a type of television screen. LCD means local coverage determinations, and they are governed by regional Medicare administrators. Here is our cheat sheet for you to find policies relating to your region of the country.

    How to Perform an Internal Audit on a Chart

    Internal audits can be the vaccine for health insurer audits. Don’t be labeled as an anti-vaxxer! Implement these guidelines and build your practice immunity today.

    Coding Advice From the Experts

    The Academy receives thousands of coding questions annually. Chances are, if you’re asking it, another smart ophthalmologist already has. This library of FAQs provides answers to questions regarding surgery billing, testing, exams and modifiers. Search this resource whenever you are in doubt.

    Meet the Modifiers

    Modifiers can make or break your billing. Don’t leave hard-earned money on the table. Make sure you know what modifiers can be appended to your exam and when to use them.  

    Make Sure Claims are Squeaky Clean

    Payers love reimbursing clean claims – those without pesky, erroneous codes or other wrong information. You should too, because the fewer errors your claims have, the faster your reimbursement will be. Here are four steps to produce the cleanest of claims.

    Steer Clear of an Audit

    Payers frequently try to recoup money from incorrectly documented testing services (like visual fields). Some tests are included in the exam, while others can be billed if certain requirements are met. Determine if your documentation will meet the auditor’s expectations.

    Further Resources

    CPT News: What’s new in current procedural terminology (CPT) codes.

    Ophthalmic Coding Series: Essential Topics: Learn to Code Series: Complete Guide to the Essentials: The most comprehensive guide to ophthalmic coding, this book establishes a foundation for coding accurately, effectively and efficiently to avoid coding errors that can lead to penalties.