• Sunday, Oct. 2
    Room S406B, McCormick Place
    Program Chairs: Viraj J. Mehta, MD, MBA and Andrea Tooley, MD
    YO Committee Chair, Janice C. Law, MD
    The 2022 YO Program is supported in part by Allergan, an AbbVie company.

    The YO Program is an essential three-part course for members-in-training and physicians who are starting out in their careers. An array of speakers will offer their advice on finding a job, contract negotiation, finance, wellness, diversity and building your surgical skills.  

    (SYM28) YO Program Part 1: Launching Your Career (9:45-11 a.m.)
    Young Ophthalmologists starting out in practice are faced with challenges finding the right job, negotiating contracts, and adjusting to independent practice clinically and surgically. Presenters will share the different career options and how to navigate the job market.

    Choose your Adventure: Tips on Picking the Right Job
    Private Practice - Usiwoma Abugo, MD, Academic - Edmund Tsui, MD, and Private Equity – E. Shanika Esparaz, MD

    Getting to YES! Contract Negotiation Tips for the Young Ophthalmologist
    Lisa Nijm, MD, JD and Jill Maher, COE, MA

    Hitting your Stride in Surgery: Learning New Techniques and Dealing with Complications
    J. Morgan Micheletti, MD

    Presidential Address
    Robert Wiggins, MD, MHA, 2022 Academy President

    (SYM35) Part 2: Wellness Throughout Your Training and Career (11:30-12:45 p.m.)
    Wellness throughout our careers takes on many different forms. Speakers will discuss balancing personal life and family with career aspirations, becoming more financially educated, and navigating personal or family health issues. Also check out the winners of this year’s ONE® Network YO 1-Minute Video Competition.

    Work/Life Integration at every stage of YOur Career
    Jesse Berry, MD, Chris Alabiad, MD, and Alison Early, MD

    Steps to Achieving Financial Wellness: Tips from Academics to Private Practice
    Elizabeth Chiang, MD, Jay Sridhar, MD and Ghazala A. Datoo-O’Keefe, MD

    From Illness to Wellness: When Doctors Need Doctors
    Jessica Randolph, MD, Cherie Fathy, MD and Arthur “Cliff” Guyton, II, MD

    Winning Videos – YO / ONE® Network Surgical Video Competition
    Four winners announced by Sept. 1.

    (SYM42) Part 3: Future of the Profession (2–3:15 p.m.)
    Young Ophthalmologists are the future of our profession. Be inspired and meet the winner of the 2022 Artemis award selected for outstanding service. Attendees will learn how the future of the practice of ophthalmology will change. Participants will discuss advocacy to protect the profession, diversity in the workforce to reduce health disparities, and new technology within ophthalmology and healthcare.

    Artemis Award Presentation

    Presented by SO Committee Chair: Samuel Masket, MD to Frank Brodie, MD, MBA

    Protecting the Profession: Advocating for Your Patients and Colleagues

    Casey Smith, MD and Katherine Hu, MD

    Our Future Depends on it: Diversifying Our Workforce and Addressing Healthcare Disparities
    Angela Elam, MD and Andrew Duong, MD

    Future Practice of Ophthalmology: Integration of AI and Technology in Patient Care
    Grayson Armstrong, MD, MPH, Michael Chiang, MD and Daniel Shu Wei Ting, MD, PhD

    The 2021 YO Program, Parts 1-3 are now available on the ONE® Network

    Part 1: Carving Your Path as a Resident and Beyond

    Part 2: Wellness: A Practical Guide to Your Rights and Resources

    Part 3: Why Representation Matters: A New Era of Equity