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  • The Academy views its work to develop, train and energize Congressional advocates as a crucial component to our success. We'll periodically update this page with resources to help you advocate more effectively.

    Social Media for Advocacy

    Learn how social media can help your practice and your advocacy. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how to build and implement a successful social media advocacy campaign. You can also use these valuable tips to promote yourself or your practice.

    Advocating from Home

    Building the long-term legislative relationships you need to make a difference.

    Making a Difference with Congress and State Legislatures

    Stephanie Vance, grassroots consultant and author, shows you how to research federal and state lawmakers so that you can deliver a pro-ophthalmology message that resonates. Learn the five key things you should know about your legislator and how to find those answers using Academy and other resources.

    The Five Introductions

    Learn five ways to launch an effective and influential discussion with a lawmaker, professional colleague or patient. Led by Christopher Kush, a grassroots advocacy expert, this webinar covers:

    • How to convey complex issues in simple, engaging conversation;
    • How a personal story can make a powerful impact;
    • How to address misconceptions or myths without closing communications lines.