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  • CMS Publishes New Open Payments Data; Check What Industry Says It Paid You

    The Academy urges all ophthalmologists to check their newly updated Open Payments profile. The website shows data and records for the 2013-2017 payment years for “transfers of value” from industry. This data includes any compensation that drug, device, biological and medical supply manufacturers report that they provided to physicians and teaching hospitals. This is also your opportunity to learn whether any disputed records remain on your profile.

    For 2017, industry reported $8.4 billion in payments and ownership and investment interests to physicians and teaching hospitals. To account for this, the database provides the public with 11.5 million total records attributable to 628,214 physicians and 1,158 teaching hospitals.

    The updated Open Payments dataset also reflects:

    • Changes made to records;
    • Changes to delays in publication flags;
    • Changes to disputed records; and
    • Records that were deleted. 

    Learn more on CMS’ Open Payments Resource page.