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  • We all have our passions, and helping to restore or preserve vision is mine! As such, my daily focus is on the medical and surgical care of my patients. However, beyond the clinic and operating room is an arena that determines, in many ways, how we practice medicine. It is in this arena that we must advocate for the needs of our patients, our profession of ophthalmology, the practice of medicine, our staff and for ourselves and our family.

    As the practice of medicine continues to change in an era of expanded health care coverage, electronic medical records and the ongoing roller coasters in fee schedules, there is no time like the present to advocate. No one can express your message better than you can! Whether you reach out to a public official through phone or email, attend a local fundraiser, donate to the OPHTHPAC® fund, the Surgical Scope Fund and your state PAC, or become a leader at the state or national level, I encourage you to help shape the future of medicine.

    You can make a difference! This is our future, and what we’ve worked hard for. The time is now, and with our collective successes, we can continue to improve the care we provide, allowing our patients to see the important and beautiful things in our world.

    Chris Albanis, MD, is a comprehensive ophthalmologist practicing in Chicago.