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  • Important Dates

    March 4
    Promotional Opportunities sales open

    March 6
    Hotel Meeting Space opens

    May 1
    • Exhibitor Hotel Reservations opens for companies reserving 20+ rooms
    • Exhibitor Hotel Brochure available 
    May 10
    Earn Two Priority Points for Full Exhibit Space Payment

    May 17
    Last Day to Cancel or Downsize Exhibit Space Without Penalty

    June 12

    Hotel Reservations Opens Online for All Other Exhibitors

    July 10
    • Exhibitor Registration Opens
    • Final Booth Payment Due
    • Last Day to Cancel with 50% Penalty
    July 11
    • 100% Penalty No Refunds for Cancellation or Downsizing of Exhibit Space
    July 15 
    Online Exhibitor Service Kit Available 

    August 10
    Floor Plan Blueprints and Hanging Signs Due to Director of Exhibitions

    August 12
    Promotional Opportunities sales close

    August 16
    Exhibitor Designated Contractor (EDC) Authorization Form Due

    September 6
    • Laser Safety Checklist Form Due 
    • Non-FDA Approved Product Agreement Form Due
    • Wet Lab Requests Due
    • Additional Booth Activities Form Due
    September 13
    EDC Certificate of Insurance Due

    September 16
    Advance Warehouse Begins Accepting Freight and Hanging Signs

    September 20
    Last Day to Submit an Exhibit Space Application

    September 25
    Hotel Meeting Space closes

    October 7
    • Last Day Freight Accepted at the Advanced Warehouse
    • Hanging Signs Due at the Advanced Warehouse
    October 15
    Direct Shipments to the Convention Center Accepted 

    October 16

    Official Move-In Begins

    October 18
    Laser Safety Inspection 

    Companies who have not exhibited at the Academy's annual meeting previously, please visit the New Exhibiting Companies page.