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  • Can Astigmatism Go Away?


    Can astigmatism go away?


    Astigmatism is the technical term for an eye that is optically oval. Correction is a reverse oval in the glasses or contacts. Over time a small amount of vertical astigmatism, probably because of the constant pressure of the lids, may diminish and even disappear but horizontal astigmatism will slowly increase over time due to the same factor. Larger amounts are generally stable and will not disappear spontaneously. Aside from glasses and contacts, astigmatism, if a problem, can be diminished by LASIK or PRK laser surgery and by some degree of incision of the proper type in the cornea. Astigmatism by itself is not pathologic and does not lead to any other problem, but you can discuss with your ophthalmologist whether yours needs correction and what would be the best approach.

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