• Can I have both eyes set for near vision during cataract surgery?


    I had my right eye set for computer reading during cataract surgery and it went very well. I didn’t need glasses for driving, computer and other activities at all (except for reading tiny labels). The plan was to set my left eye for distance but now I wonder if I can set my left eye for near vision instead? I do a lot of sewing, quilting, reading printed sheet music, and cooking. So, I believe near vision would benefit me much more than distance.


    This question involves many issues which cannot be addressed here. You say you hardly need glasses now for most activities. How are you getting your distance vision? Is your computer eye giving you adequate distance vision or is it your left eye? If so, setting your left eye for reading will have you lose your distance. Is your left eye currently a reading eye? If so, then perhaps setting that eye for reading will work. It all depends on what your refractions are in your operated eye and unoperated eye. This is a very important conversation to have with your surgeon.

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