• Can I modify a contact lens to reduce double vision?


    I have an eye condition which causes crossed eyes and double vision when I look in a certain direction. It's something I've had my whole life. If I were to wear a contact lens with an opaque (not transparent) pupil in one eye to temporarily "blind" myself in one eye to correct double vision, what would be a good way to do this? Would a sharpie pen not be a good idea for creating an opaque pupil?


    If you are getting double vision that you find difficult to manage, the easiest way to deal with that is to cover one eye with a patch or glasses that have a translucent but not transparent lens. A contact lens can work but I would use a clear high plus lens to fog the vision, rather than an opaque lens which may have an unwanted cosmetic appearance. It would be best to ask your ophthalmologist what he or she recommends. Use of a Sharpie pen on a contact lens is not a good idea.

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