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  • Can I use different brands of eye drops and contact solution?


    Is it safe to use differing brands of lubricating eye drops and contact lens solution? I forgot to ask my doctor if it was okay to mix these when I had my appointment.


    Generally speaking, there is no need to use the same brand for your choice of lubricating eye drops and contact lens solutions.

    Your question is a bit more difficult to answer because you did not mention if you are using hard or soft contact lenses and which system you are using for cleaning your lenses. I think it is wise to inspect the ingredients in all over-the-counter products we use. It is possible that a person could be getting a double dose of a particular preservative or might become aware of an ingredient in one brand that is irritating to his/her eye.

    If you have any additional questions, I am sure your ophthalmologist would be happy to give you an answer that specifically addresses the products you are using.

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