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  • Can you blink uveitis blurriness away?


    Is it iritis or uveitis if I can “blink the blurriness away?” I have been having a tender left sinus for a week. Yesterday, my left eye was a little blurry, but I would blink and then be fine.



    If a patient describes blinking as a way to temporarily relieve blurry vision, we look for ocular surface conditions such as dry eyes or blepharitis rather than iritis or uveitis. Blinking recoats the surface of your eyes with your tear film. If you don’t make enough tears, have easily evaporating tears or an excessively oily tear film, blinking may temporarily improve your vision by spreading out a new layer of tears. Patients describe a similar experience after putting in thick or cloudy eye drops in their eyes.  Iritis or anterior uveitis is inflammation inside of the eye. The typical symptoms are red eyes, light sensitivity, blurry vision, and pain. These symptoms are not typically affected by blinking.

    See an ophthalmologist who can diagnose and treat conditions of the eye’s surface as well as those inside the eye. 

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