• Am I seeing with monovision already?


    Two weeks ago I had cataract surgery on my dominant right eye with a standard monofocal lens for distance implanted. My distance vision is great but of course I can't see small print with this eye. I've always been very nearsighted so I can still read very small print with my left eye. Is this in any way what monovision might be like if I have the left eye done for close up rather than distance? I've never worn monovision contacts so my doctor is hesitant with a monovision choice but I'd rather live with the cataract in the left eye than totally give up seeing close. My sight seems perfect now with great near and far vision, except that there is a large cataract on the left eye. Is there any other option?


    Yes, this sounds like you are living in monovision now. Without access to all of your records I am unable to know for certain how nearsighted your near eye is, but from what you have described, you are happy with your distance and your near vision. I am sure your ophthalmologist would be happy to implant your second eye with a nearseeing intraocular lens to produce monovision. One way to know more about your ability to be comfortable with monovision is with a contact lens test drive. We often put monovision contact lenses in for a day to test the effects of monovision and make certain that our patients are happy and comfortable with this situation. Since you are living each day now with monovision you might not need the test drive. I suggest you discuss this more fully with your ophthalmologist in order to learn more about this situation and possibly enjoy a monovision trial.

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