• Can chalazia cause a permanent droopy eyelid, or ptosis?


    Can chalazia cause a permanent droopy eyelid, or ptosis? This is my first chalazion, I’ve had it now for almost a week. I went to the doctor and have been using hot compresses every two to three hours along with antibiotic eyedrops. The chalazion has not increased in size, but it is still red and swollen. Would I be a good candidate for chalazion surgery? What is the recovery time after surgery and will the drooping eyelid disappear?


    It appears that your ophthalmologist has given you good advice. The initial treatment for a chalazion is warm compresses several times a day as well as antibiotic eyedrops. Most chalazia will regress with this treatment—though it may take up to six weeks for complete resolution. If the chalazion does not improve substantially, your ophthalmologist. may add a steroid/antibiotic or oral antibiotic to your treatment regimen. If after six weeks the chalazion has not resolved, incision and drainage may be performed. Once drained, the swelling and associated droopiness of the eyelid will slowly resolve over several days depending on the degree of inflammation of the eyelid prior to the surgery.

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