• What can I expect when they do a biopsy for a cyst on the surface of my eyeball?


    My ophthalmologist found a cyst on the surface of my eyeball near the site of a previous cataract surgery done in 2006. It is vascular when viewed by microscopic and hand held camera and seems to be increasing in size. He is scheduling an in-hospital biopsy and removal. What can I expect and can you tell me more about this?


    While most superficial growths on the eye are benign, a biopsy is the best way to determine if the tissue is a dangerous tumor. This sort of procedure may be done with intravenous sedation and topical anesthesia, or may require other methods. Your ophthalmologist will remove the tissue and send it to a pathologist for definitive diagnosis. Some biopsy sites are closed and others are left open. Treatment varies depending on the diagnosis. You should expect some redness and irritation for at least a few days, and you will have some eye drops to use. Talk to your ophthalmologist about your specific situation to find out details.

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