• How can I have two types of cataract in one eye?


    I found out I have two cataracts in one eye: a subcapsular and an oil drop. I didn't even know a person could get two in one eye. Is this rare? How rare are oil drop cataracts? I've been trying to find more information on an oil drop cataract, but there doesn't seem to be as much as the more common types.


    You will not find oil drop cataract as it is a visual description, not the type of cataract. No one has more than one cataract in their eye. Remember, a cataract is just the lens of your eye that has gotten more dense and cloudier as time passes. It is not a separate growth. Having a subcapsular cataract (a cataract that affects the back of your eye’s natural lens) and an oil drop cataract is just a description of the cataract that is useful only to the surgeon and should not cause you any unnecessary concern.

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