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  • How can I overcome the loss of depth perception from a blind eye?


    How can I overcome the loss of depth perception due to steroid-induced glaucoma blinding me in one eye?


    You need vision from both eyes for true depth perception (also known as stereovision).  If you have lost a lot of vision in one eye, this will prevent true stereovision.  You will, however, have “depth appreciation” due to the stored catalogue in your brain of objects and their relative size. For example, you know how big a person, a car, or a baseball are and will have a pretty good idea of the distance of these and other objects from you when you view them.  There are a few occupations which require true stereovision. Hopefully that is not true for you.  The more daily issue you face is the loss of peripheral (side) vision on the side of the blinded eye, which can make impact driving and walking difficult.

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