• Is stopping Restasis dangerous?


    I have been using Restasis for a very long time, perhaps ten years. Today my left eye had a broken blood vessel and the eye is red and somewhat inflamed. I want to try stopping Restasis for a while, maybe permanently. I have permanent plugs (tiny device placed inside eye that treats dry eye) and minimal tear production. Is stopping Restasis dangerous?


    Restasis increases the flow of tears in those with dry eyes. The red eye is not from Restasis nor from the eye dryness, and it will clear rapidly with no ill effects. Given the plugs you use to treat your dry eye, there should be no harm in stopping the Restasis to see what might happen. There is no rebound effect by doing this. You might simply have a decrease in tear flow and you can tell by how often you need to supplement your tears currently and how much of a change occurs when you stop the Restasis. From this you can decide whether to start Restasis again or continue without it.

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