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  • Are there any side effects to long-term use of Restasis?


    Is it safe to use Restasis for dry eye? Are there any side effects in long term use? Are punctal plugs a better method?


    Restasis is very safe. The side effects included stinging, redness, irritation and blurring. These side effects can happen with short or long term use. Some people stop the medication because of this. Restasis works by decreasing the inflammation in the tear production glands (lacrimal glands) which is thought to lead to dry eye in some people. It allows the patient to make more of their own tears.

    Punctal plugs are a different method for treating dry eyes. They work by allowing the eye to retain the tears that are already there by preventing them from flowing out through the tear duct system. Different patients require different treatments. Some patients are treated with Restasis and others with punctal plugs, while some need both both treatments. Neither treatment can be considered better because they are different and not comparable.

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