• What glasses should I wear to see a golf ball better if I’m color blind?


    I have partial colorblindness and can only see a golf ball in flight if the sky is a deep blue. My latest eye exam showed some farsightedness, which is corrected with lenses. I also have a slight astigmatism. I am looking to purchase sunglasses with the appropriate lens color to assist me in seeing the ball in a lighter, or white sky. I have used various color balls and most recently a bright yellow is easier for me to see. I also have problems reading the contour of a green but that is less of a problem to me. Can you suggest what color lens to choose?


    White golf balls, the standard color, tend to blend into the background on a long drive. Neon yellow balls can be recognized at a greater distance due to the sensitivity of the blue yellow light receptors in our eyes. These balls are preferred by some seniors whose orange and yellow lenses (this discoloration of the eye’s natural lens is part of aging and will happen to all of us) allow the yellow color to pass more easily. Colored lenses come in two basic colors: brown and grey. Other tints such as pink and blue are cosmetic but not useful as a filter. Brown is a better color for a more distant view on a golf course or on any terrain. You did not indicate which type of color deficiency you have but that might play a role into which lens you might choose. Choosing a polarized lens for your sunglasses will also be beneficial. Best of luck on the links.

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