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  • Will excessive blinking complicate my recovery from lazy eye surgery?


    I have lazy eye that's going to require one final cosmetic surgery to correctly align my eyes. I also have Tourette syndrome (a condition that causes tics, or involuntary repetitive movements or sounds), and I have two tics that involve my eyes (blinking and rolling). I'm concerned as to how this is going to affect my recovery. I'm guessing that it probably wouldn't be great for me to start blinking hard and rolling my eyes frequently with fresh sutures inside of my eye. If it does prove to be a problem, is there anything that I can do about this?


    The specific type of strabismus surgery performed will affect how your eyes will feel after surgery. I would recommend that you discuss this with your surgeon as they can best guide you on the specifics on how to ensure the best healing possible. However, one thing that can help your recovery will involve the use of artificial tears to improve the lubrication of your eyes. Generally, the more lubricated the eyes are, the less irritation they will feel from any sutures placed.