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  • Medical Eye Exams for Underserved Populations

    Description: The Academy's EyeCare America program is the country's leading public service program providing eye care. It provides access to eye care for seniors who have not had a medical eye exam in three or more years and people at increased risk for glaucoma. Make a difference in the lives of these patients with minimal time commitment and without leaving your office. More information about volunteering is available on the Become an EyeCare America Volunteer page.  

    Expectations: EyeCare America matches volunteers with eligible patients through the Seniors Program or the Glaucoma Program. Volunteers for the Seniors Program provide a comprehensive medical eye exam to eligible seniors (age 65 or older) and care for up to one year for any condition diagnosed during the initial exam at no out-of-pocket cost for the ophthalmologist's services. Volunteers for the Glaucoma Program are asked to provide a one-time glaucoma eye exam at no cost to eligible patients.  

    Time commitment: Volunteers see an average of two to four patients a year. 

    Instructions: Sign up to serve as an EyeCare America volunteer at or email EyeCare America will match you with eligible nearby patients by zip code. Both the ophthalmologist and patient will receive referral letters explaining program details. Upon the conclusion of the eye exam, volunteers complete and submit a patient outcome form to EyeCare America.