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  • American Academy of Ophthalmology to Launch its First Open Access Journal in Early 2021

    Ophthalmology Science to focus on early clinical and basic science research

    SAN FRANCISCO – The American Academy of Ophthalmology today announced plans to expand the Ophthalmology family of journals to include Ophthalmology Science, an online open access journal focused on publishing pre-clinical development, phase 1 and 2 clinical trials, laboratory-based work, ophthalmology informatics, and clinical science. Ophthalmology Science is the fourth of the Academy’s Ophthalmology® journals and its first open access journal.

    Ophthalmology Science will be available online only and will be supported by article processing charges, making the journal accessible to everyone without a subscription fee. A discounted article processing charge will be available for Academy members. The inaugural issue will be available during the first quarter of 2021 and will publish quarterly.

    “The demand for open access journals in the medical community is increasing,” said David W. Parke II, MD, CEO for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. “We are delighted to meet that demand by expanding publishing opportunities for the worldwide vision research community.”

    Ophthalmology Science is the third extension of Ophthalmology, the flagship journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. One of the most-read clinical publications within the medical specialty. Ophthalmology’s 2019 Impact Factor is 8.47. The new journal will benefit from the same expedient review and publication process as Ophthalmology®, Ophthalmology® Retina, and Ophthalmology® Glaucoma.

    "As host of the premier family of ophthalmology research journals, the Academy recognizes a responsibility to take a leadership role in the movement towards broad distribution through open access of research that will inform the next great breakthroughs in ophthalmology,” said Stephen D. McLeod, M.D., editor-in-chief of Ophthalmology. “Ophthalmology Science will offer an open venue for high quality translational science that ultimately informs the clinical guidance for patient care that Ophthalmology seeks to present."

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    About Ophthalmology
    Ophthalmology®, the official journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, publishes original, peer-reviewed, clinically applicable research. The Ophthalmology franchise, owned by the Academy and published by Elsevier, also includes two subspecialty publications: Ophthalmology® Retina and Ophthalmology® Glaucoma.  For more information, visit