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  • Practical Practice Management Tips When Navigating the Change Healthcare Cyberattack

    As during the recent pandemic, it remains crucial that practices have an established contingency plan for unforeseen financial disruptions. An accessible cash reserve or established line of credit may assist with payroll and expenses for business continuance. AAOE® Board Member Heather Modjesky offers additional practice management tips to assess your needs and seek assistance for your obstructed revenue cycle.
    • Gather pertinent information:
      • What revenue have you received via electronic funds transfers (EFT) but are unable to post?
      • How much revenue are you holding in unfiled claims?
      • What are your average monthly receipts per payer?
      • When was the last time you submitted claims?
      • Have you been able to establish alternative claims flow measures for any top payers?
    • Acknowledge how long you can operate with the current cash flow.
      • Itemize expenses in priority order.
      • Contact vendors and request extensions on accounts receivable.
      • Factor accessible cash reserve or line of credit.
      • Discuss with physician owners what a delay in pay would look like if cash reserves are not sufficient.
    • Contact your business insurance provider to inquire if your business interruption rider covers this form of disruption.
    • Communicate daily with your practice management team and electronic health record vendor.
      • Are they aware how severely you are affected?
      • Do they have viable alternatives for claims submission and receipt of remittance?
      • Consider if any of the UnitedHealth Group options for claims submission are reasonable for your practice.
    • Obtain CMS-1500 forms if not already readily available. CMS has instructed Medicare administrative contractors and other payers to accept paper submissions during this crisis.
    • Contact your government representatives and state societies. Inform them how this incident impacts your patients' access to care and your practices revenue cycle and viability.
    Academy updates and additional resources pertaining to the Change Healthcare cyberattack can be found at UnitedHealth Group, Optum, and Change Healthcare Cyberattack Affects Claims Submission and Payment 

    About the author: Heather Modjesky, COE, is chief financial officer of Conestoga Eye, Lancaster, Pa.