• The American Academy of Ophthalmology's newsletter for senior ophthalmologists (SOs). Scope is published quarterly, with all articles posted online and a PDF download available for print. The online archive includes all articles starting with the summer 2017 issue and select articles from prior issues.

    2019 Spring Edition of Scope (PDF 1138K)

  • M Bruce Shields, MD, offers his observations on the remarkable changes in health care delivery during his lifetime.
    M Bruce Shields, MD, offers his observations on the ethical responsibilities of ophthalmologists.
    In the Winter 2017 issue of Scope in Tom Harbin’s book review section, I shared with you the tragic memoir of a young neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi, who describes in “When Breath Becomes Air” his courageous battle with terminal lung cancer.
    A downside of retirement is losing track of many of our colleagues with whom we established friendships throughout our careers. One of the things I looked forward to when going to medical meetings was being with those friends and hearing what new and exciting activities they…
    As seniors, we find ourselves attending an ever-increasing number of funerals. It is hard, as we sit listening to the eulogy of a friend or family member, not to wonder what will be said about us when that time comes.