• Join the Global Ophthalmic Education Community With EyeWiki®

    EyeWiki® (eyewiki.org) is a widely recognized and used destination for ophthalmic information, and one of the most essential educational channels the Academy maintains.

    I have been involved with the website since its early stages in 2010 and continue to be amazed at where it is today and how it continues to evolve.

    What Is EyeWiki?

    EyeWiki is unique among public wiki-based websites: a community of ophthalmologists controls all the content, which ensures for higher quality than similar online medical resources. Because the thousand-plus articles are updated in real time, EyeWiki quickly covers new breakthroughs or techniques, as compared to textbook publishing. Visitors — both health care professionals and the public — have anytime/anywhere access to up-to-date information, without cost.

    EyeWiki’s Global Presence

    We celebrated EyeWiki’s 10-year anniversary last year, and in its first decade, the site’s global reach has been astounding. As of December 2020, the site received 8.3 million annual views, with nearly 70% of traffic from outside the United States and every corner of the globe. And to reflect the various viewpoints and practices around the world, our editorial body represents a diverse population.

    Join the Global Ophthalmic Education Community With EyeWiki
    Top row: Minh Nguyen, MD (left), Jacquelyn Laplant, MD. Bottom row: Karen M. Wai, MD (left), Robin K. Kurakose, MD.

    How to Become an EyeWiki Contributor

    Clearly, dedicated people are the cornerstone behind EyeWiki’s success. For residents, the site represents a perfect opportunity to get involved with the ophthalmic community, to author and edit and to make a positive impact on both fellow ophthalmologists and the public at large.

    We are calling on you to join the 2,100 practicing and in-training ophthalmologists who contribute to the site. Simply create an account, and then add to an existing article. If you see an interesting case that you have studied or presented, submit a new article so that others can learn from you.

    Your contributions will showcase your scholarship, build your CV and also help you become adept at working within a wiki authoring system (EyeWiki is built on MediaWiki, which is the same platform used by Wikipedia).

    As a resident, you can also take advantage of the annual contests that EyeWiki hosts for residents and fellows. Enter your original article in the U.S. Residents and Fellows-in-Training Contest for a chance to win a trip to the Mid-Year Forum as part of the Academy’s Advocacy Ambassador Program.

    Here’s how to get started:

    1. Set up an account:


    If you had an account as a medical student, request editing and authoring privileges as a PGY-1 by contacting eyewiki@aao.org.

    2. Add or edit articles:

    Any ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist in training can add an article (including text, images and videos) if the topic is not already covered in EyeWiki or edit and contribute to any existing article on the site.

    3. Enter the annual EyeWiki® U.S. Residents and Fellows-in-Training Contest:

    Visit the contest web page at eyewiki.org/Residents_and_Fellows to learn more about the submission guidelines.

    2020 Winners:

    Minh Nguyen, MD, University of Washington, a repeat contest winner for “Coronavirus (COVID-19)”

    Robin K. Kuriakose, MD, Loma Linda University Eye Institute, “Incision Construction”

    Jacquelyn Laplant, MD, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, “Carotid Cavernous Fistula”

    Karen M. Wai, MD, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, “Medial Canthal Tendon Avulsion” \We look forward to having you join the EyeWiki community!

    * * *

    Cat Nguyen Burkat, MDCat Nguyen Burkat, MD, is editor-in-chief of EyeWiki. She is a professor in ophthalmology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is also co-director of the Global Ophthalmology Initiatives at the University of Wisconsin.