• Where to Find International Experts at AAO 2017

    All of ophthalmology gathers for the Academy’s annual meeting, making AAO 2017 an unparalleled chance to learn about global ophthalmology. During a special networking event Nov. 11, young ophthalmologists can learn from experts working and teaching in different countries about ways to make an impact around the world.

    Meet with an International Expert
    Saturday, Nov. 11
    YO Lounge, Room 222

    YO Committee liaisons and moderators:

    Royce Chen, MD

    • YO international subcommittee
    • Retina/vitreous

    Srinivas Iyengar, MD

    • YO International subcommittee
    • Oculofacial plastics

    Experts include:

    Richard L. Abbott, MD                        

    • Areas of expertise: cornea and external disease, medical education, clinical practice guidelines, patient safety
    • Geographic regions of focus: Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe
    • Consultant with Santen, ORBIS (Cybervision) board, faculty member of the Proctor Foundation

    James D. Brandt, MD

    • Professor and vice-chair for International Programs, UC Davis
    • Primary focus: glaucoma, primarily infantile and childhood glaucoma in the developing world
    • Secondary focus: use of technology and Internet-based remote learning and mentorship
    • NGO: Orbis International
    • Predominant geographic regions of focus: Peru and Vietnam

    Michael W. Brennan, MD

    • Areas of expertise: comprehensive ophthalmology, political ophthalmology, leadership and organizational development
    • Geographic regions of focus: the globe, but especially sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and north Africa
    • Volunteer with International Medical Corps (Iraq/Syria) and Project HOPE

    Susan H. Day, MD

    • Areas of expertise: pediatrics and medical education standards
    • Geographic regions of focus: the globe
    • Industry affiliation: ACGME International

    Lloyd Hildebrand, MD

    • Areas of expertise: oculoplastics, global eye care and health services research
    • Geographic regions of focus: west China and southern Africa

    Robert C. Kersten, MD          

    • Area of expertise: oculoplastic surgery
    • Geographic regions of focus: the globe (except Antarctica)
    • NGO: ORBIS International and About Face Missions

    Brian C. Leonard, MD                       

    • Areas of expertise: vitreoretinal surgery and global ophthalmology
    • Geographic regions of focus: Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America
    • NGO: ORBIS International (member board of directors; 32 years as volunteer visiting faculty)

    Todd P. Margolis, MD, PhD

    • Area of expertise: cornea and uveitis
    • Geographic regions of focus: Thailand and sub-Saharan Africa

    Daniel E. Neely, MD

    Scott E. Olitsky, MD

    Lisa Park, MD

    • Area of expertise: cataract surgeon
    • Geographic regions of focus: Guatemala, Ethiopia and Uganda
    • NGO or industry affiliation: Vision Care USA, Hospital de la Familia Foundation and ASCRS International Foundation

    Rosalind A. Stevens, MD       

    • Areas of expertise: retina-vitreous diseases and surgery, international public health
    • Geographic regions of focus: Africa (Human Resources for Eye Health)
    • NGO: ORBIS International (senior medical advisor)