• Academy Plus Course Pass

  • Academy Plus is a course pass that offers unlimited access to more than 350 Academy and AAOE instruction courses.

    There is no need to plan ahead or preselect courses. You can float among all instruction courses at will.

    • Individual tickets for Academy and AAOE instruction courses are no longer sold.
    • The course pass is non-transferable. View more registration and ticket policies.
    • Due to Fire Marshal regulations, however, seating capacities for course rooms is limited. Seating is available on a first-come basis.

    Free Programs and Sessions

    You do not need Academy Plus to attend a number of programs and sessions at AAO 2016. Your meeting registration gives you access to:

    Ticketed Events, Labs and Programs

    Academy Plus does not cover sessions that require an individual ticket, including:

    Individual tickets must be purchased separately to attend these programs.