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    Externalized Gore-Tex Suture Rescue Technique

    Editors' Choice
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Dr. Murtaza Adam and Mitchell Fineman demonstrate a technique to replace an inadvertently externalized Gore-Tex suture during scleral fixation of an Akreos IOL. With the nasal haptics floating freely in the vitreous cavity, MST forceps are used to externalize the supranasal haptic through a superior clear corneal incision. The suture is then passed through the eyelet in an anterior-posterior orientation. The intranasal haptic is similarly externalized through the same incision, where suture is passed through the eyelet in a posterior-anterior orientation. Next, the sutures are externalized through their respective sclerotomy sites, passing it hand-to-hand from MST forceps to 25-gauge Maxgrip forceps. Once externalized, the IOL is centered, tied into place, knots rotated into the sclerotomy.