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    Octoknot for Non-Valved Tube Occlusion


    Complete occlusion of non-valved glaucoma drainage tube implants is paramount to preventing early post-operative hypotony. In this video, Dr. Lorraine Provencher shares a new knot technique, the Octoknot, that has been highly effective for occlusion of the ClearPath non-valved glaucoma implant. With a cinching, slip-free, 3-throw knot on either side of the tube, the Octoknot achieves 2-sided tube compression; 2 additional single-pass knots are used to lock the knot. Complete occlusion should be confirmed with balanced salt solution on a cannula.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Lorraine Provencher discloses relationships with Beyeonics Surgical, Tarsus Pharmaceuticals (Consultant); Thea (Consultant/Advisor); Glaukos, Allergan, Alcon, MicroSurgical Technology (Consultant, Speaker); New World Medical (Consultant, Speaker, Research Support); and Eyecare Partners (Private Equity/Stock Holder- Private Corporation).