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    Whole Eye Transplant

    NANOS 2024

    In this interview with Dr. Valerie Biousse, Dr. Kim Gokoffski discusses the first reported whole eye and orbit transplant, which was successfully performed at NYU Langone Hospital in May 2023 as part of a half-face transplant in a patient with extensive facial damage. The eye is currently sightless, as there is not yet a known way to reconnect the nerves between a transplanted eye and a patient's brain. However, as Dr. Gokoffski explains, transplanting the entire orbit maintains the existing functional retinal connections, leaving open the possibility for the eye to regain sight if future technologies are developed that can reestablish the eye-to-brain connection. 

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Valerie Biousse discloses financial relationships with GenSight Biologics, Neurophoenix (Consultant/Advisor). Dr. Kimberly Gokoffski discloses no financial relationships.