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    Xen Gel Stent PoST Technique

    Glaucoma, IOP and Aqueous Flow, Open-Angle Glaucoma, Surgical Management

    In this interview with Dr. Arsham Sheybani, Dr. Davinder Grover describes his experiences using the PoST (posterior to Tenon capsule) technique. The PoST technique involves sweeping a specially designed microshunt spatula posteriorly between the Xen and the sclera as well as anteriorly between the Xen and the conjunctiva to create a Tenon-free zone in which the shunt is completely free of Tenons encapsulation. In Dr. Davinder's experience, using this PoST technique has greatly improved his patients' postoperative outcomes, including significantly reducing postoperative needling rates and end-stage IOP. The full step-by-step video of the PoST technique is available on Dr. Grover's YouTube channel.  

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Arsham Sheybani discloses financial relationships with Alcon Laboratories, Allergan, Elios, Glaukos, Nova Eye Medical (Consultant/Advisor). Dr. Davinder Grover discloses financial relationships with Allergan (Consultant/Advisor, Lecture Fees/Speakers Bureau, Grant Support); New World Medical (Consultant/Advisor, Grant Support); Nova Eye MD (Lecture Fees/Speakers Bureau, Public Equity/Stock Holder); Olleyes (Private Equity/Stock Holder, Lecture Fees/Speakers Bureau, Consultant/Advisor); Reichert (Consultant/Advisor, Lecture Fees/Speakers Bureau); Belkin Vision, CATS, iSTAR Medical, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Sanoculis, Versant Health (Consultant/Advisor).