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  • OKAP® International Exam

    The Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP®) International exam assesses the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to deliver high standards of quality patient care in ophthalmology. It is a computer-based exam providing practicing ophthalmologists and residents worldwide the flexibility to test where and when convenient.

    The exam is comprised of 260-item multiple-choice questions prepared by a group of trained examiners. It, therefore, supports clinical and basic science education as a valid and reliable measure of ophthalmic knowledge and a way to identify individual learning objectives. The exam can be taken once per year by individual ophthalmologists or through residency programs.

    OKAP International questions are derived from the Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC) books representing basic knowledge and new developments in ophthalmology. The BCSC books are used by training programs in 70 countries and are endorsed by the European Board of Ophthalmology. The BCSC books are the standard text for all European ophthalmology training programs, as well as the United States and Canada. Unlike other similar exams, the OKAP International exam encompasses questions equally randomized across the thirteen BCSC sections / ophthalmic practice areas in a single test at one low cost of $350 USD per person. (Lower rates are available in low and lower-middle-income countries.) Registration and scheduling instructions can be found below. 

    OKAP International allows program directors to:

    • Give a standardized, objective test to evaluate trainees’ knowledge each year
    • Evaluate how trainees are performing relative to one another
    • Look at which subspecialties need more attention
    • Determine how trainees compare with those taking the exam in the United States

    OKAP International allows trainees and individual ophthalmologists to:

    • Accurately assess their amount of ophthalmic knowledge and chart their progress year to year
    • Compare their percentile rank against their peers and trainees from the United States
    • Use the Keyword Report to identify specific areas needing improvement within the subspecialties

    Registration and Scheduling Instructions

    For Individuals: 

    If you are an individual, wishing to take the exam, visit OKAP International for Individuals

    For Programs and Their Residents: 

    Programs must schedule a 2024 exam date for their residents by 1 August. Once scheduled, exams can be taken through 21 September 2024.

    The following steps will be required: 

    Step 1: Programs:  Request Program Registration

    Email your contact information, program name, number of residents taking the exam and your preferred exam date(s) to Programs can select up to three consecutive dates between 1 April through 21 September, 2024. We must receive your residents' information at least 30 days prior to your exam date. 

    Step 2: Residents:  Schedule Exam Appointments

    Once the program is registered, it is the responsibility of each resident to schedule an exam appointment. Residents should forward their appointment confirmation email to their program coordinator for verification that registration is complete. Residents can refer to the Scheduling your OKAP Exam guide if they need assistance scheduling their exam appointment.

    Exam Requirements and Exam Day Information

    Residents will receive an appointment confirmation email after they have scheduled their exam which will contain important information that must be reviewed and completed prior to testing to ensure the resident's system is set up properly and that they are prepared for exam day.

    Residents must review the OKAP Pre-Exam Day Requirements and Tips document and the OKAP Exam Day Guide prior to testing. A summary of the requirements and exam format is listed below:

    Residents will need:

      1. A Computer (laptop, desktop, or Chromebook) with one screen, front-facing camera, microphone, power cord, 4GB or higher RAM, up-to-date Operating System (Windows 7, Mac 10.10, Ubuntu 16, Chrome 62.0.4241.112 or higher), a minimum of 3Mbps upload/download speed, and a stable internet connection. ExamRoom.AI will access your camera and microphone for the entirety of your exam appointment.
      2. Google Chrome or Firefox. The exam will only work in these browsers.
      3. To Allow Permission for Screen Recording if using a Mac computer. You may need to Disable Firewall if using a Windows computer.
      4. A System Check to ensure your computer and location are set up appropriately.
      5. One non-expired government-issued ID that matches the first and last name in your appointment confirmation.
      6. Two logins:
        • ExamRoom.AI login to log in to the exam system (username is your email on file with the Academy and your password is your AAO Member ID).
        • Academy login to access the exam (username is your email on file with the Academy and if you don’t know your password go to Forgot Password and reset it).
      7. A quiet testing location with no distractions, materials, electronic devices, or others present. You are not allowed to have any materials (books, notes) during your exam and all electronic devices (smart watches, tablets, cellphones) must be turned off and stored out of sight. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of your exam.
      8. One sheet of clean scratch paper (optional). Once your exam is complete, you are required to notify the proctor and tear-up your scratch paper in front of the camera.

    Exam Format/Time Allotment/Break Policy:

    The OKAP exam consists of 260 multiple-choice questions equally randomized across the thirteen BCSC sections/ophthalmic practice areas.

        • You will be able to enlarge images (by clicking on them), skip items, mark items for review, and be presented with a summary (at any time during the exam) of all items displaying which items are marked or unanswered before officially submitting the exam.
        • The submit exam button will only appear after all 260 questions have been answered or after reaching the exam time limit.

    The OKAP exam time is 4 hours and 40 minutes (you will have 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam, plus 10 minutes for a break).

        • Immediately after 2 hours and 15 minutes have elapsed or answering 130 items, you will be allowed a 10-minute optional break.
        • During the break you are not allowed to communicate with anyone, use any electronic device, or access any reference materials.